We even try to keep our fees simple. Once you’ve started, your price remains the same as long as you continue with BellaTutor. As long as no more than 12 months has passed since your last session, you get to keep your price for life. Lock your price in today.


  • Individual student rates are $90 per hour.

  • Travel Rates (if meeting at student’s location): $60 per hour plus $.50 per mile (all calculated as round-trip).

  • Package Discounts: 20-hour Package = $1,600 ($10 off per hour); 40-hour Package = $3,000 ($15 off per hour); 60-hour Package = $4,200 ($20 off per hour); 80-hour Package = $5,600 ($20 off per hour); 100-hour Package = $6,500 ($25 off per hour).

  • Group rates: 2 students—$80 per hour per student; 3 students—$70 per hour per student ($210/hour); 4 or more students—$60 per student per hour ($240+/hour). GROUP PACKAGES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.