Meet Strategic Education Advisors

Strategic Education Advisors is a new company that will be working alongside BellaTutor
to expand our vision for empowering students to become self-actuated independent learners.


BellaTutor is Expanding

BellaTutor has always provided high-end learning services. For the past twenty-five years, our founder, Courtney A. Huntington, has worked to develop a new and better model of education. Along the way, he has applied what he learned to great effect with students at all levels. Our goal here at BellaTutor has been to empower students to reach their maximum potential by becoming Self-Actuating Independent Learners—what we like to call SAILers. Now its time to expand BellaTutor’s services even further, adopting more of our founder’s vision while also simplifying our structure to make it easier for you to navigate.

Time to Grow

Over the past ten years, BellaTutor has added more and more consulting services, focusing more of our energy on helping our students and their parents think strategically about their education so they can navigate more complex and more difficult educational waters. It’s been an interesting transition. BellaTutor has continued to help students improve their subject matter knowledge and basic study skills, but we have also worked with more and more students who need help in more advanced ways, such as dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and college planning. We want BellaTutor to continue offering excellent tutoring to those who need it, but it’s time to move beyond the basics.

Aim Higher

Strategic Education Advisors is here to meet the needs of those who don’t just want help fitting in to the existing system but who, instead, desire to rethink what education can be. Our system is failing many of our students. Some succeed, but most are held back from achieving their full potential. Strategic Education Advisors is here to empower your students to reach their maximum potential as efficiently and effectively as possible. We do that by advising students, parents, and institutions in how to structure learning so that each student has the opportunity to experience their best learning environment. We offer learning strategies that enable students to navigate the endless sea of educational possibilities.


Ready? Let’s Go!

If you’d like to learn more about Strategic Education Advisors and how our team can help you, your child, or your organization, simple fill out the form below and a member of the SEA team will contact you shortly. Space is limited.


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