Our culture is at a crossroads. We can turn left and drive off a cliff. We can take the conservative route and keep straight on the way we have been going. Or we can turn right and find ourselves on the high road, with its careful guidelines and guardrails. If we choose either of the other paths, we will eventually collapse culturally. The left route takes us into immediate destruction. The straight route takes us to the same place, just a little more gradually. Only the right route takes us to higher planes of culture, in which men and women, boys and girls all behave with dignity and grace, treating one another with love, compassion, and kindness, seeking to build each other up, not tear each other down. RealManners is here to help. We are assembling manuals of etiquette and manners camps for men and boys, women and girls. Our goal is simple: encourage real people in real places doing real work and living real life to behave with real dignity and real love for the real world.

Real men and women know how to behave. It isn’t about money or fame or power; it’s about respect: respect of God, respect of others, respect of self—in that order.