We provide a wide array of services to meet your education needs, and we tailor each service to meet your very specific needs. We don’t do cookie-cutter.

Some Specific areas

  • Test Prep (ACT, SAT, PSAT, GMAT, and more)
  • Overcoming ADD/ADHD
  • Overcoming Dyslexia
  • Grade analysis
  • Study Skills analysis
  • Essay planning, drafting, and revising
  • Essay review and analysis
  • College planning and applications

My services are not merely for those who feel they have deficiencies. I often work with students who simply desire to improve or even maximize their learning abilities. Here are just a few examples of learning courses I offer:

- Logic
- Rhetoric
- Writing
- Speedreading
- Language learning

I also provide larger-scale services, such as

- Curriculum Design and Planning (for schools, teachers, and homeschools)  
- School Format Transitions: Transitioning from conventional to home school; changing schools; changing degrees; becoming a self-educator. 
- School Level Transitions: Pre-school to Elementary, Elementary to Middle, Middle to High, High to College and beyond

I can help students at all levels with their study skills, and analyzing a student's study skills always plays a role in my tutoring. At a basic level, it is the skill in studying that determines a student's success in studying. For the most part, better grades and better learning come with better studying. Often that simply means smarter studying.

There is no "magic" fix. For most students, it takes several weeks to begin to see significant improvement. For many students, it takes much longer. This depends partly on the age of the student and the strength of the habits we are working to change. I have been working with students at various levels for over twenty years, and I have been studying education theory and practice longer than that. If you merely want a better test score next week, I can help with that, but that's like taking aspirin to mask the pain when real medical treatment is what you need. If I can see a simple or immediate fix, I will tell you. I take what I do very seriously, and I have three very important personal policies related to this: (1) I don't continue working with students I'm not actually helping; (2) I don't continue working with students when they reach the point that they can do just as well on their own; and (3) I strive to always analyze, diagnose, and treat "educational maladies" with as much precision as possible, and recommend only "treatments" that I believe will be the most effective in eliminating the root problem as quickly and as completely as possible.

Finally, please keep in mind that I come at education from an "outside-the-box" perspective--and I don't say that lightly. I believe strongly that our educational system almost across the board--public, private, and parochial--is flawed at its foundation. I taught within the system, and I have actively chosen to withdraw. Though I teach ACT and SAT preparation, I believe the ACT and SAT exams are inherently flawed. I am very good at helping students make the most of their abilities and knowledge in taking the ACT and SAT exams, so I continue doing that because it's not their fault the tests are so flawed. I don't judge those who choose to remain in the system, whether teachers, students, or parents. Just because I have chosen to withdraw from the system doesn't mean you should. Because of my position outside the system, however, I am uniquely positioned to help you maximize your time within the system.

If you're interested in hearing more, I'll be happy to speak with you. The rates listed are for one student meeting at my location; the rate to meet at your location is higher, and my group rates are listed in my tutor policies. I do also offer courses like those mentioned above, and I have monthly and yearly consulting packages, if you're interested in discussing one of those. If you're looking for tutoring that looks like what you're used to, you should probably find someone else to work with. If you want the same thing you're used to, I'm not your guy.