One of the most important things we can communicate to our students and children is that change happens to us all and we have the power to adapt to those changes without letting them take us down. Over the past year, our ability—our willingness—to adapt to changing circumstances has been tested again and again. Whether those changes were forced upon us by the powers of nature or the powers that be, the presence of the changes is indisputable. 

Whether our students and children weather the storms of change with ease or with difficulty is largely up to us—their parents, guardians, teachers, and mentors. The younger they are, the more they take their cues from us, and when they see us out-of-sorts, overreacting, stressed, angry, or in any other way reacting negatively, they will likely respond the same way. 

None of us is perfect. We all respond poorly at times. But our children and students need us to be better. They need us to show them: 

It’s going to be okay. 

We’ve got this. 

We will not be taken down by this. 

We. Will. Overcome.

If we believe it—and act like we believe it—they probably will, too.


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