The Art of Thinking: A Simple Guide to Clarity, by Ernest Dimnet with a foreword by Courtney A. Huntington, available now from Apple Books (

It’s finally here! Our founder, Courtney A. Huntington, has been hard at work creating an updated copy of Ernest Dimnet’s classic masterpiece, The Art of Thinking. And we are pleased to announce that it has been published through a cooperative effort by WitGlass Books and Astounding Press. It is currently available through Apple Books, and will be rolling out to other platforms in coming weeks. The next platform expected is the Kindle, followed by a PDF version, and later on, we expect it to be available in hardcopy. If you prefer a specific format, contact us today to let us know. We will pass along your requests to the publisher and let you know as soon as your preferred format is available.

It has been nearly 100 years since Ernest Dimnet’s The Art of Thinking first appeared in print. It remains a classic guide to thinking not just for the most educated among us but also for the rest of us. It is not a guide to logic or to logical thought. It is a guide to the practice of thought. Dimnet calmly, simply, and clearly provides an everyday guide to everyday thought for the everyday man. This edition is designed to bring Dimnet’s brilliance to the 21st century. The goal of is simple: make Dimnet available again.

Here is some of what John Dewey had to say about Dimnet’s The Art of Thinking

I would say to the reader, “Taste it, try it for yourself. Keep it close at hand, read a page or two, a paragraph, opening at random. Browse about in it; read it consecutively. Keep it on a bedside table and read it to compose your mind at night and to arouse it in the morning.” For it is compact with the wisdom gathered in years at observation of the author and others.

This edition of Dimnet’s classic has been painstakingly typeset to provide the reader with both the convenience of modern electronic reading and the classic beauty of print reading.

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