As an independent educator, finding students, getting the word out, is always one of the trickiest aspects. For over seven years, WyzAnt has provided me with a large percentage of my students. They have an outstanding network, and if you decide I’m not the right guy and BellaTutor is not the right company for you, I would encourage you to check them out. (If you do so, please use my tutor link here, because I will get credits with WyzAnt; thank you.)

I posted a new profile description today at my WyzAnt page, and I thought I’d share it with you here, too. Here it is:


Welcome! I used to post long descriptions of what I do. Now, I keep it simple.

I think our education system is inherently flawed and is therefore failing. This failure is a natural result of the flaws, which are inherent in the system. The system was designed to work this way by the system’s originators, and the stated purposes of the system do not match the design.

Despite its flaws, this system is nearly ubiquitous in the United States. There are some pockets—very small pockets—of educators who try another system. But many who operate free of the system’s overseers continue to utilize the same system with all at design features—or, rather, design flaws. Even many homeschoolers continue to use the same overall system, with its focus on graded levels (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) and number grades (scores and GPAs), despite the fact that they consider themselves outside the system.

My goal as an educator is to help change the design of the system itself, not merely to help students and teachers within the system navigate it better. I have significant plans for how to achieve my goal of a complete system redesign. I’m inclined to think the total redesign won’t happen in my lifetime, but I think it is possible.

So how do I help now, when the system isn’t redesigned yet? It is tricky, but the difficulty is one of the reasons I charge what I do. Students who work with me become new students, capable of learning more and faster than they thought they could—and all they have to do is complete the assignments I give them the way I tell them to do them when I tell them to do them. I help students learn how to navigate this difficult system better, and one of the reasons I am able to do this is that I see not merely weaknesses within the system but also the foundational flaws. When a student begins to see these for himself or herself, then it becomes possible to avoid the pitfalls more easily.

I help students come closer to maximizing their potential. Students who work with me can become self-actualizing learners. And isn’t that what we all want for ourselves—and for future generations?


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