BellaTutor is actively building a program for consulting with parents regarding their children’s education needs to help them build a plan to ensure maximum success both intellectually and vocationally. We firmly believe that young men and women, beginning in middle school, need to have training to prepare them for their vocations. The young people do not need to know what their vocation will be; they can derive a great deal of benefit from learning general vocational skills, including personal and business finances, entrepreneurial thinking, creative problem-solving, teamwork and team-building, management principles, and leadership principles. Along with this, we will be incorporating personal and business etiquette training. This type of training will be very useful for students who desire to enter college, because the training will give them the skills and confidence they need for completing applications, writing letters and essays, and meeting with administrators, professors, and advisors. Our personal development program for students will help them prepare for whatever career they choose. Contact us today to request full program details!


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