Okay, I’m ready.

At least I’m ready to announce our first Summer Discount. I am working on revamping the price structure for all our tutoring services, and I am working to add new tutors with specialties in various subject areas.

I don’t want to overwhelm you, so I am just going to announce one Summer Discount today. For your benefit, I have chosen the one that I think will benefit the highest number of BellaTutor students immediately.

BellaTutor’s Study Skills and Strategies service aims to help students learn how to study well. Depending on the age of the student, this entails helping them develop good study habits, stick to a schedule, and stay on top of assignments.

In the summertime, we will work on a variety of subjects and schoolwork types, and we will focus on both underlying skills and individual weaknesses. This can be especially beneficial to your children this summer, because of the difficult transition this spring to COVID-19 distance learning. We can look back together over spring assignments and discuss how to improve them, and we can work on weak spots that resulted from this spring’s learning environment, so that your student can be up to speed when fall arrives.

I almost forgot! BellaTutor has a referral program now. If you refer a new client to us and they purchase a package, you get a free session added to your account. Tell all your friends!


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