Are you as excited as I am about the new school year? Probably not. I love the challenges of education. My mental juices get flowing. I start to think about all the ways to solve the problems of the existing conditions—and every year presents new challenges. Every year is different. Every school is different. Every classroom is different. Every family is different. Every student is different. And each of them presents both universal and unique challenges.

I know that the new year is very different, and that not all the developments are very cool. Some of them are downright awful. But I’d like to encourage you in one specific area: if you approach this school year as the exciting challenge that it is and do so with a positive problem-solving attitude, this could be one of the years that your children look back on as a turning point in their mental development. They have the real opportunity to mature in ways that they might not have—and all thanks to COVID. (Yay, COVID!?)

They can do this. You can do this. We can do this. I’m here to help. And if you look at what I’ve communicated in this or any other email previous and your thought has been “that doesn’t sound like it’s for me or my kids,” take a step back and remember that what I do is education problem-solving. That’s what I thrive on. So bring me your challenges, tell me what you need, and let’s figure this fracking thing out together.


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