While the theorists pontificate, the students continue to struggle, confused by the barrage of testimonies they hear from parents, teachers, and politicians, a constant stream of accusations, finger-pointing, and blame-shifting—and no clear solution in sight. In reality, the solution is extremely simple but at times very hard: personal responsibility. This chain of personal responsibility always begins with the parents. These may be adoptive parents or guardians, not necessarily the biological parents. Whoever is responsible for the overall care and nurture of the student in this context is the parent. The parents are responsible for the care and nurture of their children, including their education. No one else is responsible for the education of the children, even if the parents delegate certain duties. Until parents take responsibility—and refuse to permit others to assume that responsibility for them—the system of education will not improve significantly. Because this is what education is all about: raising the next generation of parents—and that is more about integrity and character than it is about knowledge and skill.


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