In a recent blog post, I said I would tell you why BellaTutor is updating it’s pricing, including adding new service categories and price levels, which will complicate the price structure.

Over the years, in order to keep things as simple as possible for my students and their parents, I have basically just had one service—tutoring!—and it didn’t matter who I was tutoring or what I was tutoring them for; I simply offered the same price for all my tutoring services (plus discounts for purchasing packages). Now I am “complicating” the pricing, and I want to explain why.

BellaTutor has for a long time been basically a solo education consulting practice, and I have worked hard to provide a very high level of tutoring and education consulting. I think I’ve mostly succeeded in that.

Now I want BellaTutor to do more for more people. I want more people to have access to all that BellaTutor has to offer. So I’m expanding our tutor core, bringing in very talented people, whose teaching principles match mine and who bring in an excellent set of skills in a wide range of subject areas.

In order to facilitate the transition, I’m creating additional categories of tutoring, with varying pricepoints, depending in part on the age of a student and in part on the level of expertise required by the tutor. All of our tutors will still hold to our central tenets and be helping students learn how to take responsibility for their learning and to move ever closer to full self-education—what I call being an Interdependent Self-actuating Learning (SAILer).

I hope this explanation doesn’t seem too boring. I want you to understand what we are trying to accomplish. Thanks for letting BellaTutor be part of yours and your student’s lives.


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